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Continuing with the LEACH List on the rights that are transmitted through marriage, the one that occurs between people of the same sex could certainly give each spouse rights over the sexuality of the other. Unable to get married legal, gay men and lesbians use several devices, such as simulated weddings, to declare their commitment and desire for a monogamous sexual relationship. In April 2000, Vermont approved a law that allows same-sex couples to legally join, with all the benefits of marriage. In June 2003, a court established same-sex marriages as legal in the province of Ontario, Canada. On June 28, 2005, the House of the Common of Canada voted to guarantee full matrimonial rights to same-sex couples throughout the country. In the United States, five states (Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont and New Hampshire) allowed same-sex marriage in 2010. Civil unions for same-sex couples are legal in New Jersey. In reaction to same-sex marriage, voters in at least 19 States of the American Union approved modifications to the Constitutions of their entities that define marriage as an exclusively heterosexual union. On November 4, 2008, 52% of Californians voted to repeal the right to marriage of the same sex, right that the Court had already approved that same year. Legal marriages of the same sex can easily grant each spouse on the workforce of the other spouse and her products. Some societies have allowed marriage between members of the same biological sex that, however, can be considered belonging to a different, socially constructed genre. Many Native American groups had figures known as Berdaches, who represented a third gender (Murray and Roscoe, 1998). They treated biological men who largely assumed the manners, behavioral patterns and work of women. Sometimes, the Berdaches were married men, who shared the products of their work on hunting and occupied traditional male roles, while the Berdaches played the traditional role of married woman. In addition, in some American native cultures, the marriage of a “woman with a heart” (a third or fourth genre) with another woman involved the traditional work division man-woman in her

home. The male woman hunted and performed other male tasks, while the wife represented traditional female role.

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