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It is housed in a cellar building, with high metal shelves. The primary advantage of the shopping club is its extremely low prices (the prices offered to final consumers are 5% higher than those offered to trade members). This institution has some disadvantages. By mentioning a few, your assortment is limited and biased towards shopping in large quantities, and packaging, in addition to the customer has to load the goods in your vehicle. The main shopping clubs are Costco, Sam’s Club (owned by Wal-Mart), and BJ’s Wholesale. As in the case of other retail institutions, shopping clubs continue to modify and refine their strategies. Costco has added high price items, such as bright rings for commitment, and its own Kirkland brand of appliances. In the words of an executive of Costco: “We want to surprise people at all times. Although I do not buy Waterford glassware, it will cause a great impression. ” It should not be surprised that Sam’s Club has followed his example, to the degree of offering quality wines.38 (for a depth analysis of competition between shopping clubs, see the “Costco vs Sam’s Club” case after chapter 16.)

Detail sales Extrivation A large majority, about 80%, from the retailer transactions are made in stores. However, an increasing volume of sales is being carried out out of retail

they. Retailed sales activities resulting in transactions that are carried out outside the physical enclosure of a store are called Detail Sales extras (outside the stores). A “conjectural calculation” is done that the volume of sales achieved through sales in extrarigation detail ranges around $ 700 billion per year. 39 Based on this figure, Extra Sales account for almost a fifth of total retail trade. We will consider five types of Extra detail sales: direct sale, telemarketing, automatic sale by machines, online retail sales and direct marketing (instead of worrying about confusing names, we recommend concentrating on features and Competition between the five types). Each type can use it not only retailers, but also other kinds of organizations.

Direct sale In the context of retail sales, direct sale is defined as personal contact between a seller and a consumer outside a retail store with which a sale occurs.

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