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412). And it is not primarily working single women, as it ever was the case. Table 9.9 presents figures about the ever-growing employment paid for US wives and mothers. Note in Table 9.9 that the paid employment of American married men fell, while that of the American married women rose. Dramatic changes have been presented in behavior and attitudes since 1960, when it worked 89% of all married men, compared to only 32% of married women. The comparable figures in 2007 were 77 and 62%, respectively. Ideas about male and women’s gender roles changed too. Compare your grandparents and your parents. It is likely that she has a working mother, but her grandmother was very probably a mother who remained at home. Compared to her father, she is more likely that her grandfather has worked in a factory and belonged to a union. Her father has more possibility than her grandfather to share child care and domestic responsibilities. Age at marriage was delayed for both men and women. University education and professional titles increased. What other changes associate with the rise in female employment away from home? Table 9.10 details employment in the United States in 2006 by gender, income and type of occupation for permanent full-time workers. In general, the ratio of female income to Masculino increased from 68% in 1989 to 77% in 2006. Today’s jobs are not especially plaintiffs in terms of physical work. With machines that do heavy work, the smallest average body size and the slightest average strength of women are no longer impediments for manufacturing jobs. The main reason why you do not see more modern women working together with male riveters is that the American workforce is abandoning the manufacturing industry. In the 1950s, two-thirds of US employers were figured in the factories, compared to less than 15% at present. The location of these jobs changed within the world capitalist economy. The developing countries

* Civil population over 16 years of age. † Husband present. ‡ Wife present. Source: Statistical Abstract of The United States 2009, Table 576, p. 375; Table 579, p. 376. statab / 2009edition.html

Table 9.10 Income in the United States by gender and type of employment for full-time workers, 2006 *

* By employment occupancy of longer duration.

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