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They appear sitting in front of their home in the commune buzak, near Khotan, Xinjiang province, People’s Republic of China. Would you wait for most marriages to be polyginic in a

Diversity in matrimonial customs has been an outstanding issue in anthropology since its origin. Many societies, including Turkish, which once allowed plural marriage, forbade it. The polyginia is the form of polygamy (plural marriage) in which a man has more than one wife. Usually, marriage is a domestic society, but under polyginia secondary wives can or may not reside near the first wife. In this Turkish case, the five wives have their own homes. Polygamy, although formally declared illegal, has survived in Turkey from the Ottoman period, when having many wives was seen as a symbol of power, wealth and sexual feat. Unlike the past, when the practice was mandatory (for men who could afford it) and not illegal, polygamy can put contemporary women at risk. Since their marriages do not have official status, secondary wives that are harassed or mistreated do not have legal resources. Like all institutions that anthropologists study, the customs involving plural marriage change in the contemporary world and in the context of nations and globalization.

of land and a small army of servants, Aga Mehmet Arslan would not seem to defend the monogamy. Although prohibited, polygamy is very disseminated in the Isiklar region. Although, if he was young again, Arslan says, a 64-year-old kurded cacique, barrigon and full of life, he happily would change to the five wives of him by one.

When another is to be added, especially if they share the same home. In certain societies, the first wife requests a second to help with domestic work. The status of the second wife is lower than that of the first; They are wives of greater and lesser category. The most category wife sometimes chooses the lowest category in her close relatives. Among the Betsilee of Madagascar, the different wives always live in different villages. The first wife, and of greater category, of a

Man, called “Great Wife”, lives in the village where he grows the best rice field of him and spends with him most of his time. Superior status men with many rice fields and multiple wives have homes near each field. They spend most of their time with the most category wife and visit the others throughout the year.

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