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1. 7 Keys to Prospering Economically Javier Rivero -‐ Diaz

4. Most people spend… — 10 to 20 years studying + — 20 to 30 working = 30 to 50 — to earn money and do not spend even 10 hours … —… learning to manage it

5. Have you ever… — met someone who had a money problem?

6. I am finding… —Many people with —Financial difficulties —Even people with big problems

8. I remember when… —… I had $ 0 — Seeing the empty bank accounts was a difficult feeling to explain — I owed thousands on credit cards

9. It was a mixture of… —… fear, bewilderment, — overwhelmed, vulnerable — ashamed of myself

10. Step by step I was… — applying and seeing results and — I successfully passed that stage. — I thoroughly learned the origin of these problems and also how to prevent or solve them.

11. It was then that… — I saw clearly that I wanted to help and teach — other people who want to learn about the subject — and that they can prevent getting into big trouble

12. Most of the… —… people have difficulties managing their money. — stress, tension, anger in the couple and separations, conflicts between friends, — ruptures in relationships between business partners, conflicts in the family….

13. 95% of the lawsuits in… — the Courts of First Instance are —lawsuits for debts of money! —Personal Loans —Credit Cards

14. In Spain alone there are… — 1,500,000 families in the process of eviction — Yes 1 million and a half — Families dragged from their homes Source: Diario el pais

20. In this session — Keys to help you live without money problems — Manage yourself better

21. If you want — as a gift the book as soon as it comes out, send now where to notify you at info @ LasFinanzasPersonales.

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